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Ian Williams

Ian Lives in Flint Mountain, Flintshire North Wales with his wife and two grown up children.

Born 1962 in Prestatyn North Wales

Whilst growing up spent all his weekends and school holidays on his grandfather’s farm in Ruthin were he learnt the skill of using a chainsaw, supervised of course !!!

In 1986 Ian joined the Fire Service and followed in his fathers footsteps who had been a fire fighter for27 yrs. Ian spent 30 years in the fire and rescue service and continued to maintain his chainsaw skills during this time.

Woodfest Wales had always been an interest for Ian and he bought the 3 day ticket each year to study the carvers working as his interest grew. In 2012 he decided to try a carving for himself and made a couple of small chairs which he gave to his mam. The neighbours asked where his mam had got them and he was asked to carve two more.

Studying the internet and books Ian tried to improve his carving technique, but more importantly he wanted to learn more about the wood and types of trees. Ian sources all his wood from windfalls and diseased trees in order to continue to life of the wood. 

The recognition of someone wanting to pay money for his work inspired him to continue and practice even more. He bought another saw and a carving bar and chain and used his days off to carve, part time carving has been Ians hobby since as he built up his chainsaw collection and sought to buy more specialised carving bars and chain.

Ian now has changed careers and is carving on a fulltime basis. He considers himself to be a novice in comparison to most carvers here in the UK but is continuing to improve with each carving produced. 


Phil Wood racing

Phil wood  27 national British championships

1 Irish championship. Various wins in Europe.  The list goes on.

Fastest top speed ever recorded at a British race track of 203mph. 

Rode the fastest street legal bike in the world at 272mph. That's nearly 400 feet per second. 

There's loads of stuff but I'm happy with. For an old bloke, he's done a bit and has a bit of an idea how to ride one. Someone said that a while back. It did make me smile.

The bike.

Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo. 1300CC 650BHP

Top speed 250mph. Quarter mile 7.5 seconds @ 196mph. Holds many track records.

Championships won:

Straightliners National championship.

ACU national championship.


The team at Wilderness Tribe will be hosting our forest school area, with woodland activities for kids (and big kids) of all ages

Come and join in with camp fire cooking and craft activities, toast a marsh mellow or just come and take load off around the camp fire.

Check the board in fire circle for activity times.


Check them out at wildernesstribe.org 

Chris Below showing off his whittling skills

More Attractions to be added soon....